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As trusted advisors, we work with individuals and businesses to most efficiently manage the wealth they have accumulated.  We firmly believe that a solid financial plan is the cornerstone to understanding how those assets should be invested and distributed.
By offering comprehensive financial planning as well as target-risk investment management, our team provides the services that are crucial to their continued success.

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At Albany Advisor Group, we focus on understanding your unique financial objectives. Our team is dedicated to creating tailor-made financial plans without imposing personal biases, treating each plan as a complex jigsaw puzzle. Through thorough analysis, collaboration, and unwavering commitment, Albany Advisor Group works to help you achieve your financial dreams.

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Our team focuses on integrating risk management into your personalized financial plan. We ensure you understand the risks you're taking and the reasons behind them, preventing impulsive decisions and promoting financial security. By setting clear expectations and quantifying risks, we can develop comprehensive strategies tailored to your needs. Our fiduciary responsibility is always at the forefront to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind needed on your financial journey.

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As a group of certified financial planners we are dedicated to providing you with active investment management and integrated financial planning services. By examining your overall financial picture, we can effectively position your assets in a tax-efficient manner, offering clear insights into forecasted numbers. You can feel reassured that your investments are well-managed, your financial plans are secure, and a bright future awaits, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Our Process


We begin with an evaluation of all personal and financial circumstances. Our detailed approach includes obtaining information regarding a client’s health, life expectancy, family situation, and financial footprint including expenses and all sources of income.


After we gather all client information we identify the areas that need attention and help prioritize and set goals to meet our clients expectations.


Once we understand our client’s goals we analyze where they are currently and build a plan around maximizing their efforts moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses do you work with?

We currently have retirement plans for various types of businesses ranging from self-employed (SEP or Simple IRA or Single 401K) to larger companies 401K Plans with many participants.  In most cases, we have had a financial relationship with the business owner who would like to offer our services to their employees.

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Do you work with small businesses?

Small business owners face unique challenges to their plans that require careful attention.  We are proud to work with fellow entrepreneurs and assist them in integrating their business into their overall financial plan.

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Do I have to live near Albany to be a client? 

It’s not a requirement that you live near Albany. For clients that can’t meet with us in person, we have an option for a Zoom meeting (requires an internet connection), or a consultation over the phone.

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What types of clients do you work with?

While some financial planners prefer to work with clients whose assets fall within a particular wealth range, we believe that we have applicable financial planning and the associated investment management services that would benefit nearly any status.  Often times instituting a minimum asset value is a selling point of the exclusivity of a practice.  We believe that the basic principles of financial planning are the same no matter how many zeros you add or subtract.  The relationship between the advisor and client is so important to us in striving to form a lifetime financial partnership.  In our practice, our clients include our family members, friends, people we have met in the community, and referrals ranging in age from teenager to age 90+.  We enjoy working with different generations.

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I already have a financial advisor can I still ask for a consultation? 

Yes!  Sometimes another set of eyes can shed light on previously overlooked facets of a financial plan.  As with medicine, a second opinion can be quite helpful!

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Do you charge a fee for a consultation?

We offer a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation to see if our services are a right fit for your situation.

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